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Our aim is to provide you and your people with the stimulus to achieve the outcomes and results your business wants.

We are a learning and development consultancy helping our clients’ people:

  1. Build great relationships with customers
  2. Build and lead high performing teams
  3. Make commercial and impactful decisions

Our Team

Adrian Priddle

Adrian's drive comes from helping his clients develop new business. He has 20 years experience working with professional service firms and over 10 years advising clients in retail, manufacturing and regulatory sectors. He is qualified in the use of MBTI, OPQ and SDI tools to support people's personal development.

Anne Jones

Anne Jones believes that enabling individuals to understand and develop their strengths is key to individual and organisational success.  She has worked in learning and development for 15 years, developing and delivering learning solutions across a variety of sectors with a particular focus on professional services.

Jonathan Geard-Beney

Jonathan found his passion for people development over 25 years ago and it remains stronger than ever. He is an NLP trainer and coach and works with many nationally recognised clients. His mission is to help managers discover the ease with which they can have happy and productive staff.

Working with Deliotte

They really do go the extra mile to contribute to our businessDeloitte Learning Manager


Business Development

Winning new business, delivering excellent products and providing great customer service is key to the growth of any business and its results.

We design and facilitate learning to help people win and build new business in your industry, at all stages of the business development process. This may be in:


The gaining of new contacts and maintaining of your network is vital to any business development effort. We provide insight into this through workshops based on:

  • Thinking strategically about networking
  • Achieving a positive impact when networking
  • Developing your ability to work the room
  • Using social media in networking

We work to a three stage model in Networking of Meet / Build / Connect providing practical tips and tools your people can put into practice immediately.

Building Relationships

For many businesses relationships are key to the new business their organisation is achieving. Many will say “People buy people.”

We offer expertise and ideas on areas such as:

  • Developing your understanding of the client/customer and industry
  • Building a rapport and mutual trust in the relationship
  • Negotiating to achieve a Win/Win result for you and the client

Winning New Work

Getting new business through a pitch or in closing the deal in a discussion is often the most daunting aspect of anyone’s workload. This can come in many different forms so we offer expertise and assistance on:

  • Selling in meetings
  • Pitch presentations
  • Proposal writing

Management Skills

Developing people to deliver exceptional results requires great managers and teams. Using our experience and tools such as Myer Briggs Type Inventory or the Strengths Deployment Inventory we help to build teams which understand how to get the best from each other.

We help managers develop their ability to appraise their team member’s performance and to provide valuable and developmental feedback.

Leadership Development

The impact of great leadership on the performance of those who follow them is well known. We aim to support the development of our client’s future leaders through:

  • “Being Impressive” – a tool which helps leaders understand how to maximise their impressiveness
  • Psychometric profiling tools to build self awareness
  • Simulation based development centres to assess and stretch current skills

Commercial Awareness

Whatever your role in any business your ability to understand how you contribute commercially and how to maximise that contribution is important.

Working with clients we identify the specific information, processes and impact that make someone commercially aware in their organisation.

Key areas will include:

  • How the organisation creates value?
  • What impact each individual can have?
  • What impacts from outside the organisation?

Working with Addleshaw Goddard

We needed creativity - and it was delivered on time and on budgetAddleshaw Goddard Learning Manager


Not all business results can be prompted by training, so here’s a selection of the other ways we’ve worked with our clients:

Client Interviews

In response to a need to develop higher level of client and customer service we have provided interviews, analysis and action planning. This included:

  • Recorded satisfaction interviews
  • Action orientated feedback sessions
  • Training of in-house professionals to continue service provision.

We work to a simple approach – ask, listen and act!

Social Media

The use of social media presents opportunities and risks to today’s businesses. To get a balanced view and drive results through these opportunities, we have run workshops and coaching on:

  • Developing your personal social media profile
  • Managing the risks in your firm
  • Maximising the networking and reputation opportunity it provides.


An effective way of supporting the achievement of specific, and more personally focused, results is through a coaching relationship.

We have provided coaching to individuals on all the business topics covered on this website, specific examples include:

  • Networking
  • Business development
  • Personal impact
  • Leadership
  • People management

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